Experience, Accountability, Results

"We can and must achieve real economic growth, improve our roads, and support public safety while not increasing taxes."

Contribute to Rhonda's Success

Rhonda, a 2ndgeneration Tucsonan, worked in the banking industry for 29 years. Her career with Wells Fargo Bank encompassed working as a commercial relationship manager assisting for profit and non-profit businesses, a banking manager for the Oro Valley First and Oracle location, followed by facilitating the opening of the Tangerine and First Avenue branch location.


"Constant Vigilance on Public Safety Issues and Ensuring That Our First Responders Are Provided With Necessary Resources and Community Support is Critical."

"A Safe Community is a Healthy Community."

Community Projects

I have had the opportunity to participate in and work with many incredible projects.

Firefighters Support Rhonda...

"You have always been consistent in recognizing the value that public-safety agencies and their labor organizations bring to the communities they serve; a community that is safe and well-protected is not only important to its current residents, but also vital in attracting new residents and businesses." - Ben Jones, President - North Tucson Firefighters Association


Law Enforcement Endorses Rhonda

"On behalf of the Oro Valley Police Officer’s Association, this letter is intended to endorse candidate Rhonda Pina for Pima County Board of Supervisors District 1.  Our executive board is in support of this endeavor.  We are familiar with Ms. Pina and her voting record as she has been an Oro Valley Council Member for the past several years." - Kevin Peterson, President

The Community Endorses Rhonda

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"Experience, integrity, fact based decision-making, will work hard for the best for our citizens of Pima County." - Kay Williams

"Please join me in donating to help elect Rhonda." - Bill Rodman

"Rhonda Pina is a first-rate individual with a background in business, banking and finance. She is fiscally responsible and listens to what people have to say. Rhonda will make informed decisions and act with integrity on behalf of Pima County residents. We support Rhonda Pina for County Supervisor because she will bring sound judgement and experience to the position." Anne and John Wickham